Getting SSL working!

Getting started with SSL #

SSL Creation #

To generate your SSL certificates, visit the main page, then click “Site Card”.

Once you are here, you must:

  • Navigate to SSL certificates
  • Select “New Certificate”
  • Make sure that your email is correct, then click save.
  • Wait for it to be created, if you are having trouble with creating your SSL certificate(s), your nameservers or your NS records may have not yet propagated.

Enabling SSL #

Once your SSL certificate has successfully been generated, you must navigate to Settings > HTTPS and then select your domain from the drop-down menu. Once you have selected your SSL certificate, select Redirecting to HTTPS. Once this is done, you are done!

Troubleshooting #

Errors with SSL certificate creation #

When you are creating an SSL certificate, your domain must resolve to our IP address. This should be done during your name server change or NS record creation. If you are unsure, give us a message through our Discord and we will be right back with you. If you are using a free subdomain provider such as, you must wait ~60 minutes every time you change your NS records.

If you are unable to complete this on your own, we are happy to provide assistance as soon as we can.

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Updated on 7 July 2024