Setting up Nameservers/DNS

How to set up Nameservers? #

Available Options #

  • (Recommended over FreeDNS, request via Discord)
  • Your own domain
  • FreeDNS (Not recommended)

Root Domain Method #

To set up nameservers for a root domain (e.g., here are the generic step to change your nameservers for your domain.

  • Log into your domain registrar
  • Navigate to the domains list
  • Select your domain
  • Switch to custom name servers
  • Replace all nameservers with &
  • Now wait at most 48 hours for the nameservers to propagate around the world.

That’s it! Now you can wait until it propagates. You can check here at
Once it has been verified, in the meantime, you can set up your site on our panel.

Subdomains method (NS Records) #

If you do not have your own personal domain and are on a tight budget, you can use a subdomain from places such as

You must create the following NS records:

  • @ NS
  • @ NS

The @ stands for your domain or a subdomain from your domain or a subdomain from a provider such as FreeDNS.Afraid.Org

NS means the type of record – name servers in this step. and are our name servers.

That is it! You have set up your name servers for your site. #

If you are using FreeDNS, you must wait 60 minutes for the records to propagate. Usually up to 48 hours for root domains.

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Updated on 8 July 2024