Terms of Services

Make sure that you read everything here before exchanging with us


We accept no refunds, you will be denied refunds. We can however – add this to your balance

No Transfer

To prevent abuse to our systems, there will be NO transfer of credits/balances. If you have lost access, request for pass-reset

Support “ASAP”

Yes, we provide support for plugins etc, but we are not your developers, if the service issues is related to our part – we will help

Backup – Your responsibility

We do our best to keep data secure, backups are on you, you must backup your services. We also backup on request

Account Compromised

We are not responsible for all damages cause by your account getting logged into, you must secure your account with 2FA

No Begging

We will most likely not do anything about it, but you may be disliked amongst the community. Please keep that in mind